For more than 40 years CONTI Sanitärarmaturen GmbH stands for flexible and holistic shower room solutions in public and commercial areas. Innovative drive and high standard material form the basis for a high degree of quality. Due to a broad product portfolio of shower solutions and long-year experience in customization, CONTI+ is very well-known as a professional partner among specifiers and architects.

With the sophisticated and proven sensor faucets for the washbasin, the water flow is triggered without contact by sophisticated infrared technology.

Without touching the faucet, the infrared sensor reliably triggers the water jet and thus ensures convenient hygienic operation on the one hand and economic use of precious water on the other hand. Water only flows as long as effectively needed.

The high-quality CONTI+ faucets are also equipped with the hygienic flush function and can thus prevent the stagnation of water in the pipes and faucets. The hygienic flush can be timed depending on individual demands.

Both new and existing drinking water installations are subject to national hygiene requirements, which needs to be fulfilled, in particular in public, semi-public and commercial drinking water installations. Basic conditions for meeting these requirements are regular measurements to ensure drinking water hygiene: hygienic flush and thermal disinfection.

The advanced CNX Water Management System supports these functions and can execute and document them automatically. Using convenient interval or calendar functions, the required flushes can be automated easily and documented accurately.

Moreover, this system offers a variety of other important operational functions such as cleaning stop, setting of operating times, etc. being at the same time reliable with low maintenance. All functions are regularly updated to the latest standards. The management, adjustment and monitoring of all devices takes place intuitive and with state-of-the-art tools.